casting of titanium
at Akrapovič Company

Casting facility

The titanium foundry is placed in a building at the main location of Akrapovic Company in Ivancna Gorica. The facility comprises all phases of the investment casting process from wax injection to the final inspection of casted parts with X-ray radioscopy and other control procedures (chemical analyses, mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, etc.).

Investment casting is an industrial process also known as ‘’lost-wax casting’’. This technique is most often used for producing parts using special materials, like titanium alloy for high temperature applications.
We produce cast components earmarked for Akrapovic’s own production of high performance titanium exhaust systems and for the automotive sector in general. Our aim is to expand the business into other fields of application.
The foundry is structured in way to provide not only cast components, but also a complete set of services, everything from the CAD co-desing of parts to the fabrication of aluminum tools for wax injections, non-destructive x-ray inspections, FEA simulations, metallurgical and mechanical characterizations, and dimensional controls.
We performed a detailed mechanical and oxidation resistance characterization on different blended alloys, produced by the mixing of materials. At the moment, we can offer our clients 4 different types of blends obtained from recycled materials.